Understanding Property Covenants

12 Jan 2024 | BLOG

Understanding Property Covenants

Property covenants, those mysterious conditions set by sellers, can feel like hidden traps for the uninitiated. At Hunton & Garget, our conveyancing team brings a wealth of experience to ensure a smooth property transaction, especially when covenants are involved.

A covenant can dictate what you can or can’t do when you own a property. While some may not be enforceable, it’s always best to tread carefully. They’re often in place to protect the interests of the original owner or their neighbours.

The Covenant Conundrum

If a covenant applies to the property you’re eyeing, it’s crucial to know. This information is found in the title deeds, a critical aspect of any property transaction. Your Solicitor plays a pivotal role in uncovering these details.

Expert Advice on Your Future Plans

Your Solicitor should know about your intended use of the property, whether you plan to live there, rent it out, or make alterations. They can identify any covenants that might hinder your plans. For example, if you want to make changes to the property, it’s essential to check if covenants or restrictions could lead to additional costs or even prevent your desired alterations.

Examples of Property Covenants

Property covenants come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some examples:

  1. No Alterations Without Consent: Common in newer properties, especially leasehold houses. Always check before making alterations.
  2. No Home-Based Businesses: Some properties prohibit running businesses from home, especially if it generates high traffic or requires external signage.
  3. No Satellite Dishes: In newer developments, you might find covenants against adding satellite dishes.
  4. No Additional Homes on the Land: Larger properties with ample land may have covenants preventing additional homes on the same plot.

Covenant Clarity and Expertise

Navigating property covenants requires expertise. Our conveyancing team excels in providing clarity, transparency, and expert guidance. We ensure you’re well-informed and confident in your property decisions.

Your Conveyancing Partner

At Hunton & Garget, we’re more than just Solicitors; we’re your trusted conveyancing partners. Count on us to unravel the complexities of property covenants and guide you toward successful property transactions.

FAQs and Expert Advice

Looking for more insights on the conveyancing process? Visit our conveyancing FAQ page, where our Managing Partner, Lisa Potts, offers valuable advice and answers to common questions.

Your journey to property ownership starts with the right knowledge.
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Understanding Property Covenants

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