The Power of Supporting Local Businesses – from shops to services

15 Nov 2023 | BLOG

The Power of Supporting Local Businesses

In today’s ever-changing landscape, where the world grapples with the after effects of a global pandemic, the choices we make about where and how we spend our money carry more weight than ever before. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local communities, and every pound spent with them makes a difference.

Our resounding message is to ‘Shop Local.’ Every purchase made within our community supports local families, who, in turn, invest back into our shared space. The survival of these businesses hinges on our support today; otherwise, they may not be here tomorrow.

It’s vital to remember that this principle isn’t confined to retail shops alone; it extends to all businesses, often overlooked in the ‘shop local’ conversation. When choosing professional services, many focus solely on price, lured by the appeal of lower fees.  However, it’s crucial to recognise that cheaper fees often stem from bulk quantity work and a prioritisation of quantity over quality. These businesses might employ a large number of staff, but they can’t guarantee the skills and expertise needed for your specific legal matters.

The phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ comes to mind, although we acknowledge that legal costs are far from ‘cheap.’ We regularly handle cases delayed or even aborted due to subpar legal firms offering attractive rates. Consider conveyancing – do you want to risk delays or even the worst-case scenario of a failed transaction by choosing the wrong legal advisor?

Opting for a small, local law firm not only supports those who call your community home but also ensures top-quality service from professionals who truly value your patronage. We’ve seen countless instances where saving a few pounds in fees resulted in costly complications, from conveyancing issues to inaccurately drafted wills and Powers of Attorney.

When you ‘shop local,’ you nurture growth, receive personalised attention, and ensure that expertise is always at your doorstep.





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The Power of Supporting Local Businesses – from shops to services

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